Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Training

Got in 6hrs. in the mountains today... Good training. Stopped for a pick me up on the way into town. Coke, Snickers and bag of peanuts. The new S-40's are rolling well.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In the city--- All is well. Great News about Saxo Bank joining forces with Sram. Getting in some good rides down here, dodging cars and threats riding through the 'hoods. More to come...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blog Slacker

I can only say that not much has been going on, well nothing all that exciting to write about. None the less, I must inform. I've been working with Sram on a more consistent schedule, one can say, spending 2 weeks out of the month at HQ in Chicago. I'm working in the road marketing department in various capacities. Seems all to normal as I've had a relationship with them for so long. It's a great thing.
Been pedaling while back home in Boulder with some consistency. We've had a super mild Winter which has thawed me out from my times back in Chi-town and will look forward to some races come the Spring... which I guess is now.
I'm off tomorrow for another stint in Chicago. I'll be sure to check back in shortly.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cross hurts in places I did'nt know could hurt

J-Pow's got nothin' on me!....
Some folks... perhaps 2 or 3, or maybe just one, have been razing me about my lack of blogging. Have you gotten your toilet water to flow in the right direction yet? Here ya go shags...
With some help with KCCX, Bill Marshall in particular. He established a quick program for the this Fall with Scott bikes and Verge clothing, with some help from Sram I built up a pretty sweet cross bike. The program is to develop into a more structured program for '09 running with the cross wave/somehow the hype of cross is not affected by the state of the economy.
I went into it, a bit naive, as to the beating the entire body gets. It brought back quick memories of my Mtb racing. I raced my way into shape, and certainly had my ups and downs. I had a few high lites along the way, almost winning 'Sram's most aggressive rider', http://www.theroaddiaries.com/?p=237 moving up from the 5th row into the top 10 in brief, then fading to 14th. Staying local has been fantastic, The Boulder Cups and other Colorado local cross races have offered huge fields and sweet courses. I'll probably re-think doing a cross race at over 9,000ft. (Frisco Cross) I've still got that smokers lung sting from that one.

Anyways, a few more to come. Colorado Champs and of course the big one in Kansas City. Course is looking fantastic and the weather is up to par for the desired true blooded crossers.

Enjoy some pics from Boulder friends/ KV , Rob O'dea
and my buddy old pal Mark Hickey... Thanks for the shots guys.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dissimilar Bike Races

I took these pics the week before while on a training ride.
Approaching the finish. From the Mt. Evans, CO. hill climb race to Criterium Nationals in Chicago, bike racing in North America does offer quite a lot of diversity.
Mt. Evans was my first hill climb race, the race starts in Idaho Springs and summits at the top of Evans at exactly 14,135ft. The climb gains 6,920ft over the 27miles to the top. The gradient of the climb was not too severe, generally speaking, however once over the 12,000ft. point I rode in a high altitude state of bother. I struggled to follow the surges and could not find a nice rhythm. Due to the lack of air, my legs felt like noodles, it was as if there was a bad connection between the power I was out putting, to my legs. Anyways, I think it has to be raced a few times to adapt. Never the less I really enjoyed it as it's quite a unique event and hope to be more competitive in the years to come.
National Criterium in Chicago, based in Downers Grove, IL. The course is a 1.2mi. figure eight course, at 710ft. elevation and gaining 50ft. per lap. Does not seem like it but we actually climb 2,500ft. during our 50mi. race. I did not find a top result over the weekend, this race has always led me to consisant top 20's. I placed better in the Saturday night Pro/Am finishing 12th. out of a ridiculous 180 rider start list. Sunday, was a slow march through Downers and the pace did not suit me all that well, I teetered up in the front in the remaining laps but dodging wrecks along the way took everything out of me for the final lap finishing behind the pace at 17th. I do love this race and missing the podium last year in the pro race makes me believe in a fantastic result there someday.
Two different races; a grinding hill climb through the clouds, where you simply battle against yourself, to a high speed, fast pedaling, twisting and cornering course amongst 180 ambitious racers. Both have there high level of enjoyment, and I'm happy I got to ride both this year.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

B-day Getaway

Sarah took me away last week for my birthday for a surprise bed & breakfast weekend getaway. Fantastic trip to Maroon Bells near Aspen. Some hiking and a bit of a pedal enjoying some of the best of Colorado.
So many things to do.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Making it Stick. 3rd place. Stage 5, Tour de Nez

With so much of this season being based on catching up and finding good form again, I am very happy to have finished up the Tour de Nez with a nice podium spot on the last stage. The 5km circuit was one of the best I have ever raced, located in the Northstar ski village, the course was either up or down, left or right or bumping a top brick roads through the winding village. With some luck I snuck away after the first few laps, accompanied quickly by some good help. We established a nice break. When then mid to late in the race we we're joined by some fresh horse power; 3 Bissell riders, including Aaron Olson gunning to make up 24sec. to win the overall. While it took a rather deep breath to compose myself with the new tremendous pace put by mostly Zirbel and his mates, which actually sched a few of our original break riders, I found comfort in knowing we would stay away to the line and perhaps I would have a chance for a win.

We did stay away, the field shattering behind us as the Kelly riders chased trying to save their overall while Olson saw time on his side. I hoped for a good sprint from to the line against the other 7 in our break, but maybe I waited to long in giving myself a good chance to win. Either way, 3rd place on the last stage makes me smile and perhaps I will build on this one and bring some more confidence to the next race.